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  • What do I need to do to attend the meeting?

The event will be public and free of charge, no registration is needed to attend the conferences. These will take place at IGOP, which is part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The address is Passeig d’Urrutia nº17 <M> L3 Valldaura.

  • What do I need to do to participate in the meeting?

If you are interested in participating, please send us by April 1th the Registration Form on the web. Presentations will rest upon posters, which are graphic illustrations of the contents of your presentation. In other words, please prepare a one-slide presentation that can be printed in A3 format (or bigger). Some speakers will be asked to intervene during the plenary sessions, other might be selected for zero-line interventions. In any case, all accepted posters will be hanged in a visible place during the entire duration of the meeting so to give them visibility and will be accompanied by a presentation from the authors in a time slot dedicated to posters. Although submitting a poster is highly recommended, it is not obligatory.


  • What information and documentation do I need to provide in order to register?

Send us a poster or a short abstract of your presentation. We will let you know by April 15th. Your poster, that you should print on a DIN A2 or bigger format, will convey text or graphical information of concrete research or of your activist experiences. It will be displayed during the duration of the workshop in a visible place and you will be allocated a time-slot to present it. Posters will allow us to make presentations shorter and discussion easier. For some examples, click here.

  • What about funding opportunities?

There will be limited funding for meals, accommodation and travel grants. Include a description of your interest in the workshop, your affiliation and/or activist experience. Fill out the form in the Registration section. Priority will be given to those who present a poster. A part from voluntary contributions, funds for this workshop have been granted by Antipode Foundation

  • What about language barriers?

The workshop will be in English and other languages. We will provide technical support for interpretation and translation services.

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