Escola IGOP

Escola IGOP


The Institut de Govern i Polítiques Publiques (IGOP) is an interdisciplinary research institute that belongs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

It draws together political scientists and sociologists, but also researchers coming from other disciplines within social sciences, such us geographers, economists, anthropologists, jurists and environmentalists.

IGOP currently operates in the following areas of work and research:

  • Education (Education and equity, education and region).
  • Social Inclusion and Citizenship (analysis of inequality, political inclusion, exclusion and gender).
  • Participation (Assessment of Participation, Participation and territory, Social Movements, Politics and ICT).
  • Other public policies (policies for Housing, the Environment, Research and Development …).
  • Government, public administration and management.
  • Security (public safety policies, monitoring, control technologies, management of public safety).
  • Internet and Politics.